Siete Leguas

Customer: Siete Leguas

Brand: Siete Leguas

Universe: Spirits

Category: Tequila

Origin: Mexico

Expertises: Glass creation and embossing

The Context

A 70-Year Journey: The Story of Casa Siete Leguas

In 1952, Ignacio González Vargas, alongside his wife, María Amparo De Anda Franco, founded Casa Siete Leguas, a tequila distillery in Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco (Mexico). They decided to name their tequila, inspired by General Francisco Villa's horse - which, by the way, was a mare - "La Siete Leguas." Since then, they focused on producing authentic tequila using ancestral processes.  In 2022, the brand celebrated 70 years of history, renewing its identity to honor its traditions and the quality of its tequila.

The Challenge

Premium rebranding while preserving the Brand identity.

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Tequila Siete Leguas initiated a rebranding that included a change to its bottles to better reflect the premium quality of its tequila. The goal was to harmonize the design across the entire product range, highlighting the passion and authenticity of their tequila, both important values for the brand. The transformation included a change in the shape of the 1 and 3-liter bottles, as well as the introduction of a new 1.75-liter product. The objective was to elevate the bottles to a more premium level. The new image, a tribute to traditions and family history, presents an opportunity to honor the artisanal nature of the brand through bottles tailored to various consumption moments.

The Solution

Enhancing the elegance: bottles matching the quality of Tequila Siete Leguas

The new bottles have a new modern shape, unifying the entire range with more transparent glass, natural wood caps, and new labels.

The extra-clear glass and detailed engravings on the bottle, such as the horse, the logo, and abstract figures from the agave field, added the premium touch Ignacio and María desired to achieve. Their new brand identity shows a contemporary fusion of distinctive elements, revealing the artisanal processes and the origin of their tequila. The harmonization work across all the bottle capacities: 5 CL, 37.5 CL, 70 CL, 1 L, 1.75 L, and 3 L, allowed the brand to create a truly striking and sophisticated visual impact.

Additionally, the bottle redesign preserved the essence of Siete Leguas, paying tribute to its years of history through packaging that reflects the high quality of their tequila.

The Result

A successful rebranding

This new image has not only highlighted the brand's history but has also opened up new opportunities in other markets, including a renewal of the consumer base: allowing more people to discover the brand and attracting a younger audience.

A strong relationship has been established between Saverglass and Siete Leguas, fostering trust through high-quality services and excellent products. We are delighted to have been the privileged partner to accompany this transformation.


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