Castle & Key Custom Glass Bottle


Castle & Key

Customer: Castle & Key

Brand: Castle & Key

Universe: Spirits

Category: Bourbon Whiskey

Origin: Kentucky, USA

Expertises: Custom bottle, embossing

In 1887, Colonel Edmund Hayes Taylor, built a new kind of distillery destination that brought Bourbon tourism to Kentucky.

After prohibition and several owners, the historic grounds that include a Castle, sunken garden and Springhouse, became extremely run down, with roofs caved in, boarded up windows and no sign of the sunken garden. The historic land was in ruins but Will Arvin saw the potential and purchased it in 2014.

The context

He and his team have since worked tirelessly to not rebuild, but restore the property to its former glory. While restoring the castle, sunken garden, springhouse and longest aging-warehouse in the world, the team focused on creating spirits that did more than comfort, but delight. Castle & Key source all ingredients locally and draw water from the on-site natural spring for their products.

Castle & Key  - Key Natural Spring

The challenge

With the initial brand launch Castle & Key had a package that was very muted and was being lost on the shelf. “For us, taking all this time and thoughtfulness and excellence of our liquids we wanted a package to exemplify that to our consumers,” comments Brett Connors, Brand Ambassador. In partnering with a design agency Stranger & Stranger, they created a custom bottle that would be an iconic representation of the distillery.

The name, Castle & Key, highlights both the historic distillery in the Castle and the keyhole-shaped Springhouse. All these elements inspired the creation of a custom, highly sophisticated bottle that Saverglass was challenged to bring to reality.

A heavily embossed body, a thick glass base with debossing, embossed punt, custom embossed knurling, etc… all required a certain weight for successful productions. The bottle's design also had to anticipate and take into account the installation of metal neck bands and a face panel medallions on the front.

After working with other manufacturers, Castle & Key turned to Saverglass to produce the bottle in a limited amount of time, to ensure they were in the market on time with their new packaging.

Castle & Key custom glass bottle

The solution

For this highly sophisticated design, Saverglass teams worked closely with Castle & Key and their designer, Stranger & Stranger, to precisely define the desired rendering of the engravings on the entire bottle (body, base and punt).  The development process was accelerated to meet the customer's schedule, and the first production run took place on schedule.

To support Castle & key throughout the project, Saverglass also provided the custom corrugated and worked closely with its partners to apply the metal neck bands and face panel medallions. 

Castle & Key custom glass bottle

The result

A multi-award winning bottle that “speaks to the quality of product that’s inside it”, says Will Arvin, Owner.


“We knew that by choosing to work with Saverglass that we would be able to get the custom unique bottle that we were looking for that would highlight the Castle & Key brand”, comments Brittany Rodgers, Production Manager

The distillery is currently producing Bourbon, Rye, Vodka and Gin, and is expanding to new market States in the US. Let's bet that this new bottle will boost the brand's sales!


Castle & Key Restoration Rye Clear Choice Spirit Award Winner