Mirabeau: An ultra-premium gin in packaging inspired by Art Deco and the world of perfumery.

Domaine Mirabeau Gin

Customer: Maison Mirabeau

Brand: Mirabeau

Universe: Spirits

Category: Gin

Origin: France

Expertises: Engravings

After selling their London house, Jeany and Stephen Cronk settled with their family in Provence, and came up with the idea of creating a wine brand "like no other" through the choice of distinctive, original packaging. Having experienced success in the world of wine, they decided to create a high-end pink gin in equally high-end packaging.


Mirabeau: the realization of a dream

In August 2008, after 15 years of hard work in the world of business, Stephen turned down a promotion that would have led to a pay rise – but also stress and longer hours.
Shortly afterwards, a nice little redundancy windfall proved decisive, presenting the perfect opportunity for turning dreams into reality. Stephen and Jeany left London in 2009 to settle in Cotignac, a small village nestled in the heart of Provence.
They spent one year learning to live the Provençal way and travel the region in search of the best vineyards. They then decided to set up a small winery with the idea of creating a Provence rosé wine that would be considered one of the best in the region, while establishing a strong brand image. 
Building on this success, Jeany and Stephen decided to create a spirit linked to Stephen's British heritage: An ultra-premium gin; or, more specifically, a London dry gin. 

The challenge:

How to stand out from other ultra-premium gin brands

Gin is a type of spirit that can be produced anywhere in the world.
Regardless of the specific gin, the use of juniper as a botanical is imperative. That's what characterizes it, and allows it to be called "gin". After that, each producer is free to customize it with other botanicals. 
Jeany immediately had the idea of drawing inspiration from the many wild plants she observes during her walks in the countryside around the Mirabeau estate. The world of perfumery, highly emblematic of the region, would also influence her choices for the aromatic palette of this London Dry Gin: original and full of flavor, truly elevating the neutral grape spirit used in its production.
Gin is a rapidly-growing category. The challenge was to produce a quality spirit and present it in high-impact packaging to catch the eye immediately. 
This is a question of seduction, where everything hinges upon just a few seconds. The product must draw its potential purchaser's attention. Neither too dark, nor too light, with the soft pink color of the liquid delicately emphasizing its charm.
The next stage was then to select suitable packaging that represented the taste properties of this new gin, in order to convince and win the hearts of future consumers. 

The solution:

to use the creator of Mirabeau's "special" bottle: The Botanic range

"I've always loved the Botanic bottle. I'd been familiar with it for a number of years, but we'd never had a suitable project for it. So when the time came to produce the gin, I immediately came back to it." 
-    Jeany Cronk -
When her gin project was born, she had no hesitation: It was an immediate and obvious decision to go with the Botanic. 
Yet she wanted to personalize it in a way that would convey the brand history to the consumer. Her inspiration: The Art Deco designs so common in the south of France; the bull's eye that is evocative of typical Provence houses, and the floor tiles… a theme that is, incidentally, revisited at Mirabeau's sublime boutique in Cotignac. 
These striated engravings and bull's eye in relief lend an even more precious air to this elixir: The play of light created by the engravings enhances the pink of the liquid. 
The gamble seems to have paid off: "People love it", and the brand has won many awards for its daring packaging.

The result:

Instant success for the product, and many awards for this gin

"We're known for having strong packaging; so yes, of course that's something I'm very proud of" – Jeany Cronk
The brand has decided to build on its success, expanding the collection by opting for the 20 cl format: this "extremely cute" format provides just the right capacity to present the product (equivalent to four gin and tonics), gift it and slip it into a cabin bag. 
The brand has been highly successful thanks to some great distribution deals for its British launch, in particular (for example, Waitrose supermarkets in the UK). 
The packaging is appealing, customers decide to buy it, taste it… and decide to buy it again. All the elements of a real success story are right there! 
Our creators could easily rest on their laurels with such success, yet Mirabeau has plenty more projects up its sleeve… but sadly, that's a story for another day.