Decisively premium

Tequilas Cuervo

Customer: José Cuervo

Brand: Cuervo Tequila

Universe: Spirits

Category: Tequila

Origin: Mexico

Expertises: Glass and decoration

For its premium to ultra-premium Tequila brands, Casa Cuervo was looking for a partner capable of reflecting the values of its brands and its positionings. It found with Saverglass the expertise it needed in both glass and decoration to create packaging at the level of its high quality products.

The context:

Casa Cuervo, pioneer of premium tequila

The story of Casa Cuervo begins in 1758, in the region of Guadalajara in Mexico. The original property title allowed them to cultivate the mythical plant used in the production of Tequila: blue agave.  A few years later, the first “Tequila Tradicional de Casa Cuervo” was produced. Since then Casa Cuervo has established itself as the leading player of Tequilas in the world.  

With such brands as 1800, Maestro Dobel or José Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino, Casa Cuervo pioneered the premiumization of the category, by investing in the premium and ultra-premium segments, meeting the growing demand of consumers in search of exceptional products. 

“In our field, 80% of the purchasing decisions are made at the retail point”. “This is why José Cuervo made a conscious choice to adopt high-end packaging that mirrors not only the characteristics of who we are but also the premium positioning of our brands”. Manuel Coulomb, Marketing Director for Casa Cuervo.  

The challenge:

Materialize the premiumization objectives of its packaging

The collaboration between Saverglass and Casa Cuervo was born from the search for a gold decoration for one of its bottles. Noticed on the bottle of a premium vodka brand, the historical suppliers were not capable of producing it. 

Cuervo turned to Saverglass, whose combined expertise in both glass and decoration were already firmly established. 

Moreover, the management team of the Mexican group was seduced by the extra white glass the automatic manufacturing process,  both specialties of Saverglass and a necessary guarantee for the production of high-end bottles.

The solution:

Combine the personalization options to open up the field of possibilities

During one of the work sessions, the Cuervo teams realized the variety of the Saverglass know-how in decoration and the breadth of possibilities for the personalization of their products, which would allow them to let their imagination flow freely. This resulted in:

  • The fine embossing with precise contours and the brilliance of the glass for Maestro Dobel;
  • The development of a custom higher shape, with flat sides adding complexity,  and a high quality “glass skin” (free of surface defects) for 1800 ;
  • The multiple decoration processes (including the gold decoration) for Cristalino

The result:

Creating added value with glass and decoration

With this initiative, Casa Cuervo created a solution at the level of their high-quality products but also in line with the premium positioning of the brands, which they achieved through higher quality and more innovative packaging. 

The quality of the project accompaniment, from start to finish, the reliability of the manufacturing of high end glass combined with new personalization possibilities,  have contributed to the improvement of the brands performance, as well as their value-added.  







“Being able to rely on a partner who contributes to the improvement you had initially imagined, is the dream of every company”

Mr Manuel Coulomb, Marketing Director of Casa Cuervo. 

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