Rosé bottles carefully crafted to reflect their premium positioning

Domaine Mirabeau

Customer: Domaine Mirabeau

Brand: Mirabeau

Universe: Still wine

Category: Rosé wine

Origin: France

Expertises: Design Packaging et Decoration

Having sold their London home, Jeany and Stephen Cronk moved with their family to Provence and had the idea of creating a wine brand with a difference, by choosing original and distinctive packaging. It is a matter of real pride for them that the multi-award-winning Mirabeau wines are now sold in around 50 countries.

The Context

Domaine Mirabeau, the realization of a dream

In August 2008, after 15 years of hard work in the business world, Stephen turned down a promotion that would have meant a pay rise, but also greater stress and longer hours.

Soon after, a large severance payment proved to be a turning point: It was the perfect opportunity to turn dreams into reality. Stephen and Jeany left London in 2009 and moved to Cotignac, a small village nestled in the heart of Provence.

For a year, they learned to appreciate the Provençal way of life and traveled the region in search of the best vineyards. They then decided to set up a small wine company, focused on creating a Provençal rosé which would be considered one of the best in the region, while also developing an authentic brand image.

The Challenge

Using carefully designed packaging to create a premium brand

Provence is the perfect place to produce rosé. Indeed, this pale pink wine has been made in the region since 600 B.C.No wonder then that this region is renowned for making the world's best rosé wines and has become the world's leading producer of gourmet, dry rosés.

In a region where competition is strong, creating a premium brand of rosé wines from scratch is a real challenge to take on!

Although the region boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, vintages can vary greatly across this vast land with its diverse geography. That is why Stephen and Jeany carefully selected the best vineyards to create wines of a quality to match their high-end positioning. Their close ties to producers gave them access to more than 2000 hectares of excellent vineyards in Provence, allowing them to bring together quality wines from different sites across the region.

The next step was to choose suitable packaging, reflecting the quality of their product, to attract and win over consumers!

The Solution

Create a brand using packaging with sophisticated and refined design and decor

"We created Mirabeau from nothing; It was very important for us to have a beautiful product in terms of both container and content."

Stephen Cronk

One thing was obvious for the proprietors of Mirabeau — they needed to have packaging that reflected the high-end positioning of their wines.

For their flagship rosé, Mirabeau Pure, they chose an elegant bottle, the Classic Bordelaise, with a simple design, enhanced by an understated print that leaves plenty of space for the delicate color of the rosé wine to be seen. As the French Riviera is also well-known for its parties, they took a chance on the 150 cl Première bottle to seduce consumers who love grand gestures for special occasions or impressive gifts!

Rosé wine is a highly visual product; We have paid a lot of attention to the design, the presentation and the way the consumer will see our product." Jeany Cronck

For Mirabeau Etoile, the estate's flagship product, it was necessary to find a shape that was both classic and modern, capable of suggesting the complexity of the wine, its elegance and its subtlety.

The Bourgogne Antik, an effortlessly striking shape due to its low height and generous curves, immediately won over the proprietors. The tin cap and the label featuring hot stamping enhance this delicate design.

The most recent addition to the range, La Réserve, the first Maison Mirabeau cuvée produced at Domaine Mirabeau, is testimony to Stephen and Jeany's hopes and dreams. A limited edition, this complex rosé hails from their estate, nestled in the Plaine des Maures nature reserve and is produced according to the principles of regenerative agriculture.

For this gourmet rosé, aged in oak barrels for 6 months, the design of the bottle had to be equally sophisticated and stand out from other bottle shapes to reflect the wine's unique qualities.

The Bordelaise Antik, "retro chic, both formidable and charming", similar to the Bourgogne Antik shape, was thus selected to package this complex product, using extra white glass to enhance and elevate the brilliant pale pink color of the wine.

The Result

A recognized brand and an expanding range of wines!

Boosted by numerous awards and praise from the most renowned wine critics, Mirabeau wines are now sold in more than 50 countries.

As a point of pride, the latest La Réserve cuvée was even sold at Harrods in London and there is no doubt that the bottle greatly contributes to the success and sales of the rosé, if the reviews and comments on social media are anything to go by!

By creating carefully designed packaging, with the shape of the bottle reflecting the high-end positioning of the wine, the Mirabeau brand has established itself as a key player on the market for Provençal rosé wines, producing high-quality, dry rosé wines that are enjoyed by consumers on a daily basis.

And the adventure continues with the launch of a gin!



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