Grey Goose Vodka

Client : Bacardi
Brand : Grey Goose Vodka
Sector : Spirits
Origin : France
Scope : Global
Expertise : Glass Creation & Decoration


Grey Goose vodka was manufactured as a luxury product by American businessman Sidney Frank, who particularly wanted to capitalize on the prestige of the French image. It is produced in Cognac – a town traditionally associated with high-end eau-de-vie  – and only uses winter wheat cultivated in Picardy . It is diluted with water from the Gensac-la-Pallue spring filtered through the limestone of the Grande-Champagne region.
Grey Goose vodka was first marketed in 1997 and met immediate success in the United States.
In June 2004, Sidney Frank sold the brand to the Bacardi Group. 
Bacardi Limited is now the largest privately owned company in the world in the spirits sector with a large collection featuring over 200 brands and is a key player on the Premium and Super Premium market.

The Challenge

This consisted of positioning a Super Premium vodka, a segment that was developing at the time, vehicled by a decidedly avant-garde and high-end packaging combine.
Resorting to a design that is both extremely modern and timeless  and associated with a particularly sophisticated decoration package should propel the future Grey Goose brand torward the values and the luxury positioning it is seeking.

The Solution

In 1997, the work of the two teams concluded with selecting a bottle from among an extensive choice of Saverglass design models.  
The Ariane model was chosen. Its innovative shape for the spirits market offered sleek and incredibly modern lines, in a particularly large range of bottle sizes. This cylindrical model allows for complex decoration on a large surface area, a prerequisite for the brand.  
 The Saverglass team then worked on creating a complex decoration combining a frosted bottle finish with a window and multicolor screen printing requiring exact precision of adjustment in the different decoration phases.  Finally, the Tricolor flag and the term "France" complete the decoration, providing a subtle reminder of the drink’s country of origin and its positioning.

The results :

Grey Goose vodka is now the leading brand on the Super Premium Vodkas market in the USA and benefits from incredibly strong brand recognition on this market, while simultaneously making an impact on the global level.
Grey Goose vodka is sold in several sizes. In addition to the 700 mL bottle, the range also includes 5 cl, 200 mL, 375 mL, 500 mL, 750 mL, 1 liter, 1.5 liters, 1.75 liters, 3 liters, 4.5 liters, and 6 liters.
The product is now also produced in five flavored versions: orange, lemon, vanilla, pear, and cherry.