Rhum Clément Canne Bleue


The case study

Rhum Clément is a Martinican brand of rhum agricole, a cane juice rum enjoyed in more than 80 countries around the world. Every year, the distillery releases their limited edition Canne Bleue, the brand’s most pampered rum.
What makes this spirit unique? This is a premium tasting rum, positioned at almost the same level as aged rums.  
Of course, it’s only natural that a little more care is put into the packaging for this limited edition. That's why Rhum Clément brought in the Linea Packaging Agency to design this eye-catching decor, and Saverglass to realize its technical implementation and to produce it.
The 2016 edition of the Canne Bleu proved to be quite a challenge.
In addition to the Ness range from Saverglass, a streamlined model adapted specifically for bar use, a sophisticated custom finish was applied to the bottle. One of the techniques used was to dye the glass with Select Colors® Blue Ocean, forging a link with the Rhum Clément brand. This radiant blue was designed especially to evoke the sea, a core part of their Martinican identity.  The decor reflects Rhum Clément’s love of contemporary art, using “disorganised” little blue and white silk-screened lines to revisit the forms of sliced sugar cane.  This is a vital part of the distillation process, and is visually very powerful. Lastly, the consumer experience is enhanced even further when they pick up the bottle. A constellation of little lines is embossed onto the bottle, providing an unexpected texture sensation.  This is an exclusive innovation from Saverglass, which can be used to design spectacular and extremely precise embossed décors, and it’s called Art & Touch ®. Finally, the logo block is hot-stamped in silver. This adds a unique, unusual and surprising finishing touch which is sure to be a big hit with Rhum Clément consumers !   
Discover here the full interview with Audrey Bruisson, the Global Marketing Manager for Rhum Clément.